Alison started off her career solo. As her private practice expanded she realized she had the opportunity to expand and help more individuals. Alison has hand-picked and trained every therapist who works with her. She works closely with all of the therapist on her team and is always providing cutting-edge trainings that will benefit clients lives. By committing to virtual therapy you will have the opportunity to develop authentic change in your life. All of the therapist on Alisons team share the same mentality of rolling up their sleeves and working SIDE BY SIDE with you. 

"Alison is a life-changer! She has helped me uncover and beware of my blueprint that I have had for 56 years. She has empowered me to be "Emotionally Sober" and to make significant, life altering decisions. Alison's wisdom and guidance is helping me reach my true potential and I've never been stronger, more clear, and happier." -Linda


Those who seek help should not be denied it due to their location. Through HIPPA compliant regulations we are here to support you.

Decrease in emotional/ psychological stress

You will work through past trauma and how your family of origin has an impact on you today. 

Coping Skills

You will develop coping skills and learn to live in the SOLUTION instead of the problem.

Understanding of self

You will learn to experience that you are in charge of your mind, thoughts, emotions, and actions. Leading to a new found way of interacting in your relationships.

Step One: 

Meet one of our therapist!

Danielle is one of Alisons hand-selected and trained therapists. Danielle is an LMSW who shines as a younger clinician who relates well to this generation of children and teens as well as adults. She provides a depth of insight that is unusual for her age. Danielle has a depth of understanding and the ability to see the underlying obstacles to growth. Her personality is easy going and sweet. "Therapy is the opportunity to challenge/discover yourself in a healthy manner within a safe environment” -Danielle


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