Why pick Alison Answers? 

With many people in the Personal Development Industry marketing their "coaching skills" it can be difficult to find the right fit. Alison stands out due to her years of experience plus EXTENSIVE training and education. This makes Alison programs different than any other programs out there, she is able to provide scientific proven strategies through her education and experience. Alison went into the mental health field with one goal in mind, which is to continue adding meaning to all individuals lives on a larger scale. 


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Anytime. Anywhere Access!

Have a one on one experience working with Alison through video presentation. Alisons videos are authentic and down to earth. These presentations are personal, engaging, and motivational. They will help you have the experience of an actual therapist at your fingertips ANYTIME. ANYWHERE!

What is your Blueprint?

Through years of perfecting her craft and proven scientific strategies, each Digital Program will provide you more than just surface level change. You will discover your blueprint by going to the ROOT CAUSE of the problem. We all follow a map, a blueprint, a neurological network of conclusions that determine every move we make.  Until we become aware of them, we follow them blindly.  

Simple Plans for Great Change

 Simple and strategic plans to manage any and all of life situations. Through three easy steps, Awareness, Acceptance, Action to navigate and change sustainable change in the 7 areas of your life. 

The Art of Freedom: Break the Beliefs that Keep You Bound

A digital program that offers a unique mix of both knowledge on personal development, therapeutic approaches, and immersive, hands on techniques to help drive home the points needed to create great change! 

What happens Next: Navigating life with adult children 

This is program was designed for the mother who is transitioning her mothering role and her personal identity as her children become adults.  With a focus on the overall experience as a woman throughout your life cycle will be addressed.  The primary goal will be that you finish this program with a deep love for yourself as a woman, a true understanding of your purpose and a complete  acceptance as a mom of adult children. You will learn the skills in navigating parenting adults. How to understand your role.  Its importance and the necessary boundaries for everyone

My New Name is Mom: How to honor all the parts of me throughout the mothering experience

A program that was specifically designed to help mothers honor all parts of themselves in their new role as "mom" This program can be utilized by any mother with younger children.   

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