"The decision to choose enlightenment, growth and authority over oneself is an exciting and empowering endeavor sure to bring success in all areas of our lives." -Alison Lager


Join me on my mission!

If you want lasting authentic change in all areas of your life than you are in the right place! .My mission is simple. To awaken people to the core beliefs, thought distortions, and emotional addictions that has kept them from their true identity and ultimately their success. #missionawake 

"Some people never discover what they are meant to do in life. Alison does not have that problem. She has helped me in more ways than I can express in a few short sentences, but to say that it has been life changing is an understatement. Her compassion, energy and intelligence has brought me complete clarity for issues in my life. She is a true inspiration."



Learn how my digital programs were created to help create success in all areas of your life!

About Alison

Alison began her career in mental health over 30 years ago. She founded Lager Counseling Services on the principle that too many people live their lives in an automated state and never deal with the systemic issues that keep them repeating the same lives they have become accustomed to hating.

"It is time to stop hacking at the leaves to get to the root"

Being tired of the traditional use of psychotherapy, Alison has differentiated her service from the rest. After being an influencer and sharing her knowledge on social media, Alison discovered the hidden needs of so many who didn't have access to the kind of help they needed.  This sparked her desire to create"Alison Answers". A platform that includes podcasts, digital programs, and online therapy designed to AWAKEN US ALL to our excellence with one goal: #MISSIONAWAKE


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